Collaboration with the SME’s programme by UNICEF to support quality education in disadvantaged territories

Puerto Banús continues to work firmly on its commitment to comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in all its goals, thus joining UNICEF in a programme designed for SMEs and other private groups, in order to raise funds in favor of the UNICEF initiative, ‘Schools for Africa’.

Thus, Puerto Banús is involved in mitigating these negative effects and collaborates with this UNICEF programme by contributing €5,000 a year to build a better world for all people, directly helping the most disadvantaged population with the intention of helping them survive in a medium and long-term future.

This project is created to achieve quality education for children in situations of vulnerability and extreme poverty. In addition, it seeks to prevent malnutrition, ensures access to clean water and sanitation facilities, and guarantees a safe and secure environment in which children can play and learn.

For Puerto Banús it is very important to join this programme hand in hand with UNICEF to build a more egalitarian and collaborative world, since this project reduces the inequality gap between the countries of the world and is committed to future generations of these children.


Secondary SDG’s that participate in this action also: