Installation of waste sorting containers on jetties

Did you know that if we recycle 3,000 glass bottles, we save 130 kg of oil and 1,200 kg of raw materials? Glass is 100% recycled as many times as necessary without degrading. In Puerto Banús we have installed new waste separation containers on each pontoon for this purpose. 

Puerto Banús wants to contribute in this way to the existing trend in Spain of a considerable increase in domestic recycling policies, where last year alone 8.1% more packaging was deposited in the yellow and blue containers than in the previous year. And there is still a lot to do in our country!



One of the environmental aspects that most concerns us in Puerto Banús is the high volume of waste generated by society, which unfortunately ends up in our oceans, contaminating the natural habitat of millions of species and seriously damaging our ecosystem.

In our mission to become an increasingly sustainable marina, we continue to advance steadily through the implementation of tangible policies that directly affect a more environmentally friendly environment and the Circular Economy.


8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year. It arrives by waterway and is concentrated in the world’s major rivers. If these figures continue, according to the UN, by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish.


The direct action with immediate results that has been undertaken since April 2021, consists of the installation of waste separation containers on the pontoons and in the gas station. This action is intended to make it easier and more convenient for users of the port’s moorings to dispose of their waste in an appropriate, separate and respectful way with our maritime environment.
In this way, dozens of specific containers for paper, plastic and glass have been added to our facilities, leaving the garbage cans that were previously installed exclusively for organic waste. A total of 24 containers have been installed covering our gas station and all the pontoons of the port.

It is important to bear in mind that the separate collection of waste is essential to achieve an adequate waste management and an optimal recycling of waste.

For this reason, we want to facilitate to our users the possibility of making recycling a reality that improves the processes of interrelation with our marina, and we encourage the use of these new containers in an appropriate way. In this way, every day the garbage cans will be collected several times by our cleaning team.


Each plastic bottle takes about 450 years to decompose. If it is not outdoors, the figure is closer to 1,000 years.


Recycling is beneficial for several reasons: there is a saving of raw materials that we stop extracting from the Earth, there is a considerable saving of water and energy, the level of waste in controlled landfills is reduced and the level of waste in uncontrolled landfills is also reduced, with all the benefits that this generates. In addition, all this allows us to continue having a clean, sustainable and committed port with our planet.

Please help us to make recycling bigger and better!


Although so far the exact amount of plastic in our seas is unknown, it is estimated that there are approximately between 5 and 50 billion pieces of plastic, not including the pieces that are on the seabed or on the beaches. In this way, Puerto Banus as an entity, wants to contribute from its position and responsibility, to this commitment to reduce plastics and other harmful substances to the environment through packaging and labeling materials that inevitably must be included in the products.

According to recent reports, it is estimated that the demand for sustainable packaging will grow by approximately 5.1 percent annually by 2025. At Puerto Banús, we want to keep up with these environmental and sustainability trends by forcing the industry to develop new plastics, biopolymers and cellulosic fibers that are recyclable or compostable.


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