Health insurance with vast medical care coverage for all Puerto Banús employees

¿Did you know that Health Insurance is the most demanded and valued social benefit by employees in Spain? For this reason, Puerto Banús offers its entire staff medical insurance with extensive coverage, regardless of their position or seniority. 

Puerto Banús is aware of how important each and every one of its workers is; therefore, in the last year, the company has sought different options and alternatives to offer a broader coverage of private health insurance, which could guarantee quality and health care for staff.

Puerto Banús makes available a collective health insurance which the entity pays in full for all its staff, regardless of their position or seniority, so they can enjoy free medical care and hospitalisations with extensive medical coverage.

Seven out of ten companies have contracted private health insurance, making it the most demanded and valued social benefit by employees and the most offered by companies.

Even so, only 51% of the companies assume the payment of the health insurance; 43% opt for co-financing with the employee and 6% ask for the employee to assume the cost.

In turn, seven out of ten of these companies offer this benefit to all their employees, with the rest making it available only to employees with a certain seniority within the company or with certain positions.

This medical insurance that Puerto Banús employees can enjoy free of charge, offers coverage in the following specialties:

• Primary Medicine.
• 24 hour emergencies.
• Specialties. More than 30 specialties that require medical consultations and hospitalisation (allergies, anesthesia, surgery, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, oncology, clinical psychology, among others.)
• Preventive medicine.
• Diagnostic Tests.
• Hospitalisation.
• Surgical implants and prosthetics.
• Special treatments.
• Organ and tissue transplants.

In addition, Puerto Banús has also wanted the closest relatives of workers to benefit from this agreement. For this reason, the possibility of including them in the policy has been made available to the marina team, being able to insure spouses, siblings, children and parents.

With this coverage, Puerto Banús wants to look out for its workers more and better.


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