A Million Euro Maritime Mural is installed in Puerto Banús
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British artist and designer Debbie Wingham, better known worldwide as “the queen of the world’s most expensive”, creates an art mural inspired in Puerto Banús and its lifestyle that is valued at over one million euros.

A 50 million euro wedding cake, a 17 million euro Muslim abaya robe, an 11.9 million euro Christmas tree, 13 million euro sandals, and now a mural of over one million euros, are all creations by artist and influencer Debbie Wingham.

From the 12th May until the end of August, you can discover an artistic mural worth more than one million euros on the Muelle de Levante Street in Puerto Banús, inspired by the more than fifty years of history of Puerto Banús and its nautical lifestyle.

Wingham said “the mural had to be not only enchanting and embody subtle nautical themes reaffirming the port location, but it needed to be an incredible background for everyone to visit, something that would appeal to all age groups, genders, and nationalities. Something that would make the visitors smile and it needed to be more than a mural, instead it needed to be an experience like people are stepping into my very own Wingham Wonderland”.

The aesthetic and concept of this work of art, which could be one of the most expensive contemporary murals in the world, is a collage of dreams merging together. On the one hand, street art inspired by Banksy and Richard Hambelton. Instead of the shadow of a man, Wingham depicts the silhouette of an elegant woman who positions herself as one of the main elements of the artwork. Wearing a low-cut back dress, adorned with diamond detailing, Cartier jewellery and a designer handbag in her hand, she appears to be walking through a backdrop that reveals the life enjoyed in Puerto Banús.

The combination of the more urban and organic concrete look crowned at the very centre by a huge original oil of the muse of the whole piece Puerto Banus painted by Wingham herself, framed in a diamond frame.

The frame that holds the oil painting of the Puerto Banús landscape, which is the main piece that makes up this mural, is encrusted with over one million euros worth of diamonds.

There are a series of characters amongst the street art some Winghams original oils based on ironic adaptions of the greats, the others are ladies from around the globe and are the handy work of Nadja Rossato of Hispanic heritage Wingham felt it was a great opportunity to showcase talents of many creatives and she as been a fan of Brazilian artist Nadja for many years.

One side of the mural features classic pop culture elements. It depicts a yellow submarine, evoking a classic song by The Beatles, one of the most famous bands of all time.

This element connects with Puerto Banús much more than anyone can think, because on the one hand, being a submarine, its association with the nautical world is clear, but also John Lennon, one of its composers, was a great fan of the Costa del Sol during the sixties and wrote many of his songs here. Throughout that decade he used to come often to enjoy the sunny days that our coast offers.

And it was precisely during this decade, in 1966 to be precise, that the idea of creating a small Andalusian village with a luxury marina, unique in the Mediterranean, was born. In 1968 the first stone was laid to build Puerto Banús.

Two years later, in May 1970, Puerto Banús was inaugurated after a big party attended by numerous celebrities and personalities from all over the world. Among others in attendance were Julio Iglesias, the Spanish Prince Juan Carlos and Princess Sofia of Greece, the Princes of Monaco Rainier and Grace Kelly, the Aga Khan, film director Roman Polanski, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and Dr. Christian Barnard, a pioneer in heart transplantation.

The right side of the mural features a different vibe entirely a monogram-esque design almost like a vibrant sitting room, featuring one of the most desirable cars in the world Laferrari, the ultimate billionaires’ boy toy ranging in price from 3-4 million Euros merged with a series of the poshest pooches, referencing the incredible Hypercars at Puerto Banús but also all the beloved port side pets rocking real diamond collars.

Ever the innovator Wingham approached Samsung because she knew the Mural experience needed to be on point featuring changeable data and digital art as well as physical art, the new industry buzz word NFT so LCD screens cleverly disguised in renaissance type picture frames are playing rotating digital art pieces, some are sensory featuring the sounds of the sea and textures you would find in the ocean.

Enjoy this mural, enjoy Puerto Banús, take a picture there and share it with us on your social profile!



Mural produced by Pubext 2000 S.L.


About Debbie Wingham

British-born Debbie Wingham is a multimedia artist known worldwide as “The Queen of the Worlds Most Expensive”.

She began her career in haute couture, and later swapped fabrics for fondant, creating spectacular works of art in haute patisserie. Her work has made an impact on five continents, but the artist has not stopped evolving and creating disruptive ideas in the most emblematic places in the world.

Debbie Wingham has more than a million followers on her social networks; she has participated in more than fifty international television programmes and has been on the cover of magazines on more than a hundred occasions.

Her versatility can be seen in all the materials she uses to make her creations, as she is one of the few artists who uses elements as diverse as silk, metal, chocolate, oil painting, among others. She is also known for using recycled materials, which makes her an eco-designer and artist.

Her work often goes viral and some of her clients include Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Dubai Tourism, Kempinski Group and Accor Hotel Group, among others.

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