Puerto Banús – Offering you a unique and safe holiday experience far away from COVID-19
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Several recent studies and publications have confirmed that spending a holiday on a yacht or boat is much safer than staying at a hotel or holiday apartment. Renting a boat is currently the safest alternative if you want to enjoy your holidays while still being by the beach.



The health crisis we’re experiencing around the world is forcing us to take greater caution when planning our holidays since the risk of contagion mainly stems from our volume of interactions with other people. Therefore, it is important to avoid crowded spaces or areas with a high concentration of people, such as hotels, cruise ships, holiday rentals or public beaches in the middle of summer.


Regardless of whether or not these accommodations comply with all the sanitary and social distancing measures established by the authorities, several international media outlets have already reported that the safest alternative for enjoying the sun and the sea, without being at risk of contracting coronavirus during your post COVID-19 holidays, would be to book a few days of sailing with your family or a small group of friends.

Nautical tourism is a great option when it comes to maintaining social distancing and avoiding mass tourism on the beaches of Spain; all without having to give up a beach holiday and the most entertaining and exciting nautical activities.


Likewise, passengers are given the recommendation to stay on the boat as much as possible while sailing, in an attempt to avoid visiting spaces with a high level of visitor occupancy.

Accordingly, with this type of holiday, the advantage lies in the Concierge Services that are made available to travellers, helping them to make all types of arrangements during their trip and covering any need that may arise, including everything from making purchases on request, to bringing food to the boat that’s prepared on a daily basis, in addition to planning private day trips to natural or open spaces, car rentals or a cleaning and laundry service.


How to plan a safe boating holiday?

  1. Choose a destination that offers you the experience you’re looking for. Great food? Beautiful scenery? Premium experiences?

  2. Choose your boat. Look into the different charter or boat rental options available in order to choose the one that best suits your and travel companions’ needs. Check here our boats and yachts for rent.

  3. Schedule your trip approximately two months in advance and select your dates. To enjoy the unforgettable experience of a boating holiday, an itinerary of between 1 to 6 days is suggested, but you always have the final say.

  4. Travel with your family or in small groups. For your next holidays, it’s better to enjoy them with your family or a small group of friends. Ideally, don’t exceed groups of more than 10 people.

  5. Use private transportation. Try to make the journey from your home to your holiday destination by private transport, either in your own vehicle or in a rental car. Avoid public transportation such as trains or planes. If this isn’t possible, pay close attention to the recommended hygiene and infection prevention measures for these means of transport and always make sure to respect social distancing while travelling.

  6. Request your own private crew and customer service team. This way, you’ll avoid interacting with more people and reduce the risk of possible contagion. In addition, you’ll have a specialised staff focused exclusively on covering all of your needs.

  7. Take advantage of the concierge services. Thanks to this wide range of services, you’ll hardly ever have to get off your boat. You have can have everything you need right on your boat!

  8. Visit rural areas or do outdoor activities. If your travel itinerary includes a day trip, tour or activity, try to make sure you’re visiting an open, natural space such as the mountains, and ask that the activity be done only with your group of travel companions.

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