Cívitas Puerto Banús brings together fifty volunteers and plants 80 native species in the Sierra de Mijas
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On November 4th 2023, Sierra Viva: Reforestation Day with Cívitas Puerto Banús was celebrated, which brought together fifty people from the province with the aim of reforesting part of the Sierra de Mijas, which suffered a fire in the summer of 2022 and in which 2,000 hectares were burned. 

80 European fan palm and Chios mastic seedlings have been reforested by the volunteers who have attended this activity, including employees of Puerto Banús and the local community, in collaboration with Exploramás, experts in reforestation activities, and the Environment Area of the Mijas City Council. 

“Bringing life back to this affected area is part of our commitment to the planet, to our environment, to our province and to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals that we have been implementing for more than four years,” explains Benjamín Sánchez Morett, responsible for the Sustainability and Environment Committee of Cívitas Puerto Banús. 

This environmental awareness activity consisted of an area for planting native species and an area for creating super seeds, in which both children and adults have been able to participate. The activity was designed as a community activity with a clear environmental commitment, reforesting part of an urban forest. 

Planting trees is one of the best ways to reduce or offset carbon footprint, due to their ability to absorb CO2; according to some studies planting trees could reduce carbon emissions by 25%. For this reason, Cívitas Puerto Banús takes advantage of this activity to reduce and offset the carbon footprint it emits when carrying out its activity. 

In this way, and with this environmental activity to which we intend to continue year after year, we continue with our commitment to the planet and this action is an important part of the reforestation work of the natural space devastated by the forest fire in 2022. 


Reforestation not only mitigates the effects of climate change, but transcends generations 


  1. Conservation of biodiversity
  2. Contributes to reducing the impact of climate change
  3. Reduction of the carbon footprint
  4. Improves air quality
  5. Strengthen forest barriers
  6. Fundamental for decarbonization, that is, the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, especially in the form of C02.
  7. Promotes rural development
  8. Restores wildlife habitats
  9. Source of seed for the future
  10. Regeneration of soil nutrients

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