Celebration of the International Day of Yoga with a grand outdoor masterclass

¿Did you know that about 500 million people practice Yoga in the world? Yoga is good for the whole being in each of its dimensions; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Because of this, from Puerto Banús, we have committed to fomenting more healthy habits.

With the aim of promoting a healthy life, good habits and promoting well-being for everyone of all ages, we celebrated at the end of June 2022, the 1st edition of the Yoga and Meditation Masterclass with more than 350 people on the Puerto Banús dock.

Hundreds of participants, in celebration of the International Day of Yoga, gathered to live the outdoor experience on the dock of the marina, where they enjoyed a relaxing session alongside 7 renowned teachers of this discipline, as well as a meditation session at sunset and a concert of hindu rhythms.

Apart from the multiple phyiscal benefits of yoga, these are the psychological benefits for those who practice:

  • improvement in concentration

  • greater motivation

  • increased confidence

  • reduced stress levels

  • significantly reduced anxiety

The event, which we promoted and sponsored from Puerto Banús, in collaboration with Fermín Suárez School & MIND, was free for all participants and was a session suitable for all levels. People of all ages participated, users of the port, families from Marbella, students from yoga studios from all over Spain and employees from Puerto Banús.

With this, from Puerto Banús, we have a firm commitment in promoting healthy living as a habit with outdoor activities, and we are already preparing our 2nd Edition of the Yoga and Meditation Masterclass for 2023, in which we want to include, aswell as yoga sessions for adults and children, workshops and presentations to delve even deeper into this discipline.


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