Moving from conventional bins to recycling bins with waste separation

Did you know that just in Spain, more than 132 million tons of waste are generated and only 33.9% is recycled? Puerto Banús wants to help improve this percentage which is why we’ve added in our offices waste separation containers in order to recycle as much as possible.

Since 2019, we have changed conventional bins to recycling bins with waste separation in all our offices. With this action, Puerto Banús works not only on concrete measures to promote recycling for our clients, visitors and users of the port area; but we are also working on internal actions to strengthen the awareness of our workers.

We have taken this step of installing waste separation bins in all our work facilities, as well as preparing small specific workshops on how to recycle effectively.

In all marinas and port areas, there’s a special kind of waste that must be separated properly and taken to a “Clean Point”. In Puerto Banús, besides providing the tools and spaces to make this optimal separation of waste, we are also training our staff to use these areas and elements in the most appropriate way.

It is normal for some people to have certain doubts about how to recycle or separate certain waste used both at home and in offices, like coffee capsules, dirty packaging or other waste such as single-use masks, nitrile gloves. For this reason, we worry about training and sharing the good use of recycling and waste separation.

Recycling supports the reduction of pollution, helps us preserve natural resources, encourages the creation of jobs and improves our quality of life and well-being.

Like this, we are becoming more aware about the need to recycle our waste so that it be reused. We also understand that the waste generated at the workplace, and how it’s separated, influences the occupational welfare of workers.

In Puerto Banús, we know that sustainability should not only take place in our homes, but we must implement it in all areas of our daily lives, and work is one of the same.


For every kilogram of recycled plastic, we save 1.5kg of CO2 emissions; for each kg of recycled glass, we save 300g of CO2 emissions; and recycle 1kg of paper instead of taking it to the landfill which avoids 900g of CO2 emissions, besides methane emission


Our Marines offices, Varadero, and all the floors of our Control Tower offices, have waste separation systems, with containers for paper, plastic and organic waste. There is also a battery collection point in our Control Tower and Marines offices.

Every day, all the waste generated and collected from the office containers are taken to our “Clean Point” at the dry docks where they are separated by our cleaning staff, ensuring that all the waste generated in Puerto Banús is done correctly.

However, Puerto Banús intends to go one step further to be even more efficient in the selective collection of all this waste through awareness and coordination between all individuals that form part of the port. We have also enabled a series of VAT records which are filled in and collected at our dry docks in order to have the exact data of the recycling that is carried out in the different areas of the port.

If we talk about the total municipal waste, Spain still has a lot to improve in terms of recycling. Today, the global recycling rate for municipal waste is 33.9%, a very distant figure from the 55% required by the EU for 2025 and the European average being 45%, according to the latest Eurostat data (2016). Will you join us to improve these recycling figures?


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