Use of sustainable and certified materials for the packaging and labels of the Puerto Banús Concept Store boutique

Did you know that all the packaging and labels of our Puerto Banús Concept Store boutique are based on an eco-design that considers sustainability criteria? We avoid 100% the use of plastics and use FSC certified paper, which protects the sustainable management of forests. 

Recently, in Puerto Banús we have opened to the public our first physical boutique of fashion and nautical products, located in the Muelle de Ribera in a Concept Store format where we exhibit distinct items that make up the exclusive catalog of sustainable products in Limited Edition which are available to our customers and visitors.

When clients purchase from our store, all the packaging used to wrap the product up, that being the bags, presentation boxes, their labels and seals, are made with 100% organic recycled materials and are free of plastics.

They are created from paper and cardboard, which comes from sustainable forests. All the material has the FSC seal, a certificate of traceability and sustainable forest management controlled by Greenpeace and WWF to guarantee the preservation of the forests and optimal management of all the processes of the harvested wood to create the paper.

Moreover, the labels which are used in our entire product catalog are also made from the same raw material. Also, natural reed yarn is used to tie these labels to garments and items, thus eliminating completely plastic and other harmful materials which are commonly used in product packaging and packaging in stores and boutiques.

The DNA of this commitment of Puerto Banús with the environment is also reflected in each of the products we offer as they are made with sustainable materials and low environmental impact, and taking care of the highest quality standards according to the concept of this small boutique, in which you can find limited editions inspired by luxury sailing in collaboration with important international fashion and nautical clothing brands.


With this sustainable packaging strategy, it aims to reduce the environmental impact during the life cycle of fashion products and contribute to the reduction of the 8 million tons of plastics that end up every year in the seas and oceans.


Until now, the exact amount of plastic in the ocean is unknown, but it is estimated that there are approximately 5 to 50 billion pieces of plastic, without including the plastic that is on the seabed or on the beaches. Therefore, Puerto Banús as an entity, wants to contribute to this commitment from its position and responsibility, to reduce plastics and other substances that are harmful to the environment through the packaging and labelling materials which must be included in the products.

According to recent reports, it is estimated that the demand for sustainable packaging will increase approximately 5.1 percent annually by 2025. In Puerto Banús, we want to keep up with these environmental and sustainability trends, forcing the industry to develop new plastics, biopolymers and cellulosic fibers that are recyclable or compostable.

boy with clothes from Puerto Banús with sea in the background
Puerto Banús logo bags
The importance of sustainable packaging:

From the point of view of packaging, sustainable packaging and ecological packaging of any kind, all contribute to reduce the direct impact of the company to the environment and following the circular economy: reduce, reuse, replace, renew and recycle.

The sustainable packaging considers the principles of ecodesign during its production process. Ecodesign contemplates sustainability criteria from the formation of the product or service to its elimination, trying to reduce the environmental impact during the life cycle of the product, with special interest in subsequent recycling.

The European Union has proposed to end this type of single-use polluting products in 2029. It is important to remember that packaging is considered sustainable packaging, when it has one or more of these characteristics:

1. Recyclable

2. Biodegradable

3. Made from recycled materials

4. Reusable


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