Puerto Banús promotes sustainable navigation with the sale and distribution of electric boats

Within the strategic development plan that aims to convert Puerto Banús into a Sustainable Marina, we have opted to promote sustainable navigation in our region through the promotion, sale and distribution of electric yachts in order to promote responsible consumption, protect the oceans, biodiversity and reduce pollution and contamination.

In this way, Puerto Banús becomes the first distributor of electric yachts in the south of Spain, with the aim of leading and promoting a transformation towards sustainable sailing.

The action arises thanks to a collaborative agreement with the company Volta Yachts, a Spanish nautical concessionaire, based in Barcelona, ​​which allows us to exclusively offer hybrid and electric boats, which are sustainable with the environment. This is how the Volta Banús brand was born to distribute in the Andalusian, Moroccan, Tunisian markets and adjacent areas.

To try to reduce the negative impact on marine life and the greenhouse effect, Puerto Banús already offers a wide range of boats such as electric motorcycles, yachts and catamarans, which makes us the main and leading distributor of sustainable sailing in the south of Spain.

Volta Yachts is the first dealership in the whole of Spain specializing in electric, hybrid and solar boats. They have a firm commitment, like Puerto Banús, to promote and create a new way of enjoying the nautical world with respect for the environment, nature and its resources as a rule.

Discover here the full range of electric boats that Puerto Banús has to offer and enjoy a more comfortable and sustainable navigation.


Secondary SDGs that also participate in this action: