Support to the Circulo Fortuny association as a member to represent excellence, creativity and spanish culture

Círculo Fortuny is an association that represents excellence, creativity and Spanish culture, thus promoting prestigious national brands. Its main objective is to defend its own entity and promote excellence and sustainable national crafts.

It is currently made up of 61 brands and institutions, Puerto Banús being one of them. The members are the balanced representation of different sectors of activity, which make up the Spanish high-end industry through excellence in its production processes and in the provision of services.

The most recent project by Círculo Fortuny, which is also promoted and sponsored by Puerto Banús: the I Edition Awards Master Craftsmen Circle Fortuny.

The association mainly pushes national talent giving importance to its strong potential for economic and social development. Another priority that Círculo Fortuny assumes is to support the sustainability of our national artisans and their traditional professions to give voice to their trades, that they be recognized and promote their viability as a business.

Likewise, Círculo Fortuny strives to give a voice to high-end Spanish brands internationally, representing and fighting for the importance of this sector, especially for its involvement and impact on the Spanish economy.

Puerto Banús, in addition to being a luxury destination that always seeks excellence, is also a company that is committed to sustainability, art, culture and family. Thus, in recent years it has been, and continues to be, the venue for national and international sculpture exhibitions, supports local painting, offers live music with Spanish artists and composers, among other activities that it programs so that emerging talent has visibility in all its areas within a unique environment and visited every year by millions of people.


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