Save the Children’s “Christmas in Solidarity” campaign against child poverty

Did you know that with the pandemic child poverty in Spain has increased by up to 33% in the las year? That´s why Puerto Banús joined forces with Save the Children to help more than 3,350 children.

Puerto Banús wanted to donate all the funds raised from its Christmas activities in 2021 to Save the Children’s ‘By your side’ programme to alleviate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected more than 2000 families with young children.

Puerto Banús has created a fundraising challenge with the help of the organization Save the Children, to support more than 2000 families and 3350 boys and girls who have been severely affected by the pandemic health crisis.

Under the banner of Christmas in Solidarity at Puerto Banús, the marina ran a campaign to encourage both its customers and visitors to support this initiative with some donations to the cause.

The programme ‘By your side’, promoted by Save the Children, consists of alleviating the impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, where many vulnerable families have seen their incomes considerably reduced by the health crisis. The donations collected are intended specifically for three lines of action: the prevention of school failure among vulnerable children and reducing the socioeconomic educational gap; psychological support; and access to food and basic needs.

In addition to promoting donations by customers and visitors through publicity campaigns, Puerto Banús decided to schedule a series of charity activities throughout the holiday season, with all funds raised donated entirely to this cause.

So, Puerto Banús brought the attraction of a visit to the Nao Victoria, provided a crèche and created a Christmas village with elves and children’s activities where the little ones tried out their own creativity, entertaining themselves for hours.

The health emergency has meant that these families in need, who were already considered vulnerable, have seen their economic plight worsen significantly after the pandemic, with their incomes falling by up to 31%, to an average of only 6942 euros per year.

You can still participate in the campaign by making a donation of any amount through their website, by clicking here. The transaction is simple and secure, using Paypal or bank transfer.

What will Save the Children do with the funds raised by this challenge created with Puerto Banús?

  1. School reinforcement

    • Preventing school failure

    • Promoting the educational development of children

    • Reducing the socioeconomic education gap

  2. Psychological support

    • Ensuring that adolescent boys and girls are protected against any form of violence

  3. Basic needs

    • Improving the socio-economic capacity of families through scholarships to ensure access to food and essentials


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