Paying homage to women through the exhibition ‘Here we are’, by Leiko Ikemura

From March 8th, 2022 to July 3rd, Leiko Ikemura’s sculptures that pay homage to women have been part of the marina.

In collaboration with the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, Puerto Banús has hosted the international exhibition of the Japanese artist. A free, open-air exhibition that brought together art and culture in the same space.

The exhibition of the Japanese artist invites us to reflect on “spirituality” from a “universal” perspective and from “femininity”. In addition, the sculptures symbolise a tribute to women from childhood and is a call for universal equality, without limitations of race, color or identity.

The inauguration of the sculpture exhibitions in the marina coincided, on purpose, with International Women’s Day, a ceremony that was amplified in the surroundings of Puerto Banús, which allowed art and nature to be enjoyed outdoors, transmitting through the artwork, messages of mercy, compassion and reverie.

With this, Puerto Banús emphasises once again its commitment to bring art and culture closer to its visitors and users and values the role of women in society, contributing their part of what is everyone’s responsibility which is to break those glass ceilings to which women have been exposed, thus promoting equality.

Puerto Banús is committed to sustainability, art, culture and family. Thus, it continues to be the venue for national and international sculpture exhibitions, supports local painting, offers live music with Spanish artists and composers, among other activities that it programs so that emerging talent has visibility in all its areas within a unique environment visited every year by millions of people.


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