Do you know how many masks we are preventing from ending up in the sea with the ones we use in Puerto Banús?
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According to the Ministry of the Interior, a conventional hygienic mask will take between 300 and 400 years to degrade, and a very high percentage of them will end up in the sea.

The Puerto Banús masks are reusable and have all the quality and health certifications required by the World Health Organization (WHO). Plus, up to 50 washes are safeDo you know how many masks we will stop using per year in Puerto Banús?

Simply with our employee workforce, made up of 38 employees. If each of us use 2 single-use surgical masks every day on our workday (since these only provide up to 4 hours of protection), we would be using 76 masks per day.

This means that the entire workforce would be using a total of 532 masks per week = 2,280 masks per month (60 per employee). Approximately 27,740 masks a year would be discarded the entire Puerto Banus team during the working days (8 hours). But if we calculate that about 4 surgical masks should be used a day, the figure is even higher, reaching up to 55,480 masks per year for the 38 employees that Puerto Banús has.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, each of the Puerto Banús employees received a set of 5 reusable Puerto Banús masks, which we must change every day,and that we also use as if it were part of our daily uniform. Reusing each one of them, and by washing the one we have used every day, we can be protected for up to 250 days.

By delivering 2 more masks to each employee (which will be done during the month of February), that is, a total of 7 masks per employee for a year, we will be protected throughout the year that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has lasted. And with that, we would have spent between all of us only 266 masks among all employees.



By using the Puerto Banús masks, we are preventing more than 27,700 masks from polluting our seas!



These masks are for sale in three different models for € 20, available to the public in our official boutique Puerto Banús Concept Store, located next to the entrance to dock number 2, on the Ribera Pier. And soon they will also be able to be purchased online through our online store that we will present in the coming months.

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