Convocatoria II Edición: Concurso de Pintura en Acuarela en Puerto Banús
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Registrations are now open to participate in this new edition. The winning pieces will illustrate one of the annual access cards to Puerto Banús. In addition, the artworks with the most votes will receive a prize of €1,000.

  For another year, Puerto Banús is holding a Watercolour Painting Competition to choose two works of art to illustrate the new access cards to the resort.  The artists of the winning creations will receive their annual Access Card to Puerto Banús with their artwork, and the most voted work will also receive €1,000 in cash. The II Edition of the Watercolour Painting Competition, in collaboration with the Agrupación de Acuarelistas de Málaga, will be on Saturday 29th January at 11:00 AM. Puerto Banús will bring together all the participants to begin their work on the premises. Its visitors can enjoy the development of each illustration in the open air, getting to know each artist first hand.
Artists and amateurs may participate with up to a maximum of 2 artworks. The theme must be related to Puerto Banús and the nautical world. Thus, The watercolour paintings must depict images of the marina itself or any situation or concept about this world. For example, the signature Control Tower of Puerto Banús, the supercars that are in Puerto Banús, a yacht sailing, a sailboat, the famous boutiques of Puerto Banús, a skyline of Puerto Banús, etc.). The participants must submit the paintings in physical and digital formats before 4th February. The competition will take place on the official Instagram account of Puerto Banús, where followers will be able to vote for their favourite painting. After that, Puerto Banús will exhibit all the participant’s works in the Club de Mar exhibition hall at the venue. The voting period on Instagram will run from 8 to 11th February. On Monday, 14t February, we will announce the two most voted works (1st and 2nd place). Both winners will receive their Access Card 22/23, and 1st place will receive €1,000 cash. Once the competition finishes, all the pieces will be displayed for a while in the exhibition room on the ground floor of Club de Mar, in Puerto Banús. The artworks will be on sale and, the profits will go entirely to the artist. Participating in this competition and exhibition is free of charge. To participate, you must: You must send it signed to the email [email protected] or deliver it on the day of participation directly to Torre de Control. Once registered, participants will receive an email with the instructions to follow on the day of the competition, 29th January, and the meeting point. IMPORTANT: All participants must bring their own material (easel, watercolours, etc.). The works submitted for the competition must be unpublished. Copies of previously existing: images, photographs, stills, etc., will not be accepted. Any plagiarism or submission of material that does not comply with this requirement will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the artist.

Dates and times:

Registration period: from 12 to 26th January 2022. Open Air Painting Event in Puerto Banus: Saturday 29th January (11:00 am) Deadline for receipt of works (physical and digital): Friday, 04th February. Start of voting on Instagram @puertobanusoficial: Tuesday 8th February. End of voting on Instagram @puertobanusoficial: Friday 11th February. Mention of 1st and 2nd place winners: Monday, 14th February. Start of the Exhibition in Puerto Banús: Thursday 3rd March (to be confirmed) End of Exhibition in Puerto Banús: Monday 02nd May (to be confirmed)

Specifications of the artworks to be submitted

A) Landscape: Puerto Banús and the nautical world (skyline, buildings, yachts, sailboats, mountains, sea, etc.) B) Technique: Watercolour C) Format and sizes: Horizontal Mín. A4 Máx. 56 cm. x 38 cm.


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    For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
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