The launch of Puerto Banús Nautical Concept Store with sustainable products

Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet? Therefore, in Puerto Banús, we have launched our Concept Store with sustainable products and recycled materials to promote sustainable consumption.

Puerto Banús focuses on fashion and sustainable designs, resulting in the arrival of its own line of products which can be purchased in the boutique located in the Muelle de Ribera, with products ranging from technical nautical clothing to gourmet gastronomy products, jewellery, accessories, beach/pool items and much more.


The modern nautical world and the Costa del Sol inspires the entire range of Puerto Banús Special Edition Sail Racing line. This line includes waterproof polos, jackets, hats and backpacks which are produced using up to 70% less water than what normal regular clothing manufacturing processes requires.

Another product from the Puerto Banús Concept Store that encourages sustainable consumption is Puerto Banús’s Limited Edition Urban bag, made from recycled raw materials under the @recover system, limiting these pieces to 50 units which are unique, ethical, and sustainable.

The spin-off Recover is an innovative company in the fashion indusrty as it is one of the leading textile companies, specialised in manufacturing recycled cotton from textile waste and using their technology. It is the supplier for many important brands worldwide since they have revolutionised the fabric by maintaining a premium quality in recycled yarns.

The multifunctional and foldable sustainable bottle is another product from the Puerto Banús Concept Store that is plastic-free and has a sustainable spirit. Ideal for navigation and any other type of sport, they are free of Bisphenol A (BPA) and from other toxic materials to protect the environment.

And since we offer a catalog committed to the planet that tries to promote the consumption of reduced environmental impact, all the packaging and labels of each product have also been developed with recycled, sustainable materials with a reduced environmental impact and certified with the FSC seal that is controlled by Greenpeace and WWF.

With our Concept Store, Puerto Banús wants to donate a percentage of the profit made each year to a NGO that fights for the preservation, cleanliness, and quality of the oceans. With this, we want to remain firmly commited to the protection of our seas, as well as its marine flora and fauna as we must not forget that the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world and directly responsible for 20% of the water pollution that is caused by textile processing, which also makes it the second-largest polluter of freshwater resources on the planet. In fact, a quarter of the chemical resources produced in the world are used in textiles.


To produce jeans, 7,500 litres of water is required, an amount which is equivalent to the liquid that an average person drinks in 7 years.


The clothing sector uses 93 billion cubic meters of water each year, enough for 5 million people to survive. The production of clothing and footwear produces 8% of greenhouse gasesand every second an amount of textiles equivalent to a garbage truck is buried or burned.

This is why, our entire Puerto Banús Concept Store catalog consists of products which are made with fabrics and materials that come from suppliers that respect the environment, either because they come from recycled materials or have been grown sustainably.

Discover the Puerto Banús Concept Store through this link or visit it at the Ribera Pier (Pantalán 2), in Puerto Banús.

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