JoGis Art

JoGis Bear

18th August – 15th January

Puerto Banús, Marbella.  

JoGis Bear is, at first glance, a fun and friendly sculpture, whose main objective is to connect with the purest feelings of those who contemplate it when they see themselves reflected in its exclusive chrome paint, with the intention of producing a sensory and emotional exchange between spectator and work. The importance of this set of sculptures is amplified by the enclave that is Puerto Banús, surrounded by the Mediterranean, the exorbitant yachts that dock at its docks, and the La Concha mountain behind it, which allows you to enjoy art and nature in tune, thus awakening the senses and emotions of the spectators.

The seven sculptures, each three meters high, through the simplicity and elegance of their lines suggest that “to be happy, sometimes it is enough to simplify the attitude with which we face the various situations that arise in our lives, and that is reflected in the expression on his face and in the large size of his head, and his thumb in ‘OK’ mode” shows that positive attitude, generating an emotion of well-being and happiness.

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Jogis Bear Exhibition
Jogis Bear Exhibition

That is why Jordi Gil (JoGis Art) created JoGis Bear, a bear to remember and transmit our good times, as a symbol of innocence and positive attitude which are, for him, fundamental keys in the search for success and happiness. .

JoGis Art, an artist born in the Catalan Pyrenees, with residence in Marbella, designs and creates all kinds of works of art on canvas, sculptures, exclusive vehicles, furniture collections, clothes and even the total design of spaces for restaurants, integrating the characters most iconic and crazy cartoons, with the intention of creating a fantastic utopian universe that awakens the senses and emotions of those who contemplate his work.

His energy, discipline and spirit of constant improvement make JoGis Art one of the most promising Spanish artists, whose works are part of some of the most exclusive private collections in the world.

JoGis Bear is exhibited for the first time in Puerto Banús, Marbella, a space chosen by the artist to present his new exhibition JoGis Bear, with which after passing through this port, he will tour the world, taking him to cities such as London or Dubai, conveying the vision and lifestyle of JoGis Art.

With this free open-air exhibition, Puerto Banús once again brings art and culture closer to all its visitors, and places value on national and international artists in society, once again demonstrating its commitment to art, culture and family, and continues to host sculpture exhibitions, giving them visibility in all its areas within a unique enclave visited by millions of people year after year.

Jogis Bear Exhibition
Jogis Bear Exhibition


JoGis Art is the pseudonym used by Jordi Gil Fernandez, a multidisciplinary artist, who was an elite extreme athlete, born in a small Catalan town.

Thanks to his philosophy of discipline and constant improvement, JoGis Art now has his own art gallery and creative space located in Marbella. Such is his success, that his team is already working on the opening of a new JoGis Art Space in Dubai, as he currently collaborates with some of the most important architecture and interior design studios and brands in the world.

JoGis Art is self-taught, with a marked own style defined by his predilection for fluorine colors and inspired by pop art and street art, which stands out for the variety of techniques and textures that he masters and that together with the most exclusive materials in the world make his work authentic pieces of unique collection.


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