Employee training sessions on biodiversity and sustainability

Since 2021, Puerto Banús has been holding training assemblies with all its employees on sustainability, the circular economy and biodiversity. The purpose is to get all of us involved in the objective of maintaining, respecting and preserving nature and our environment.


In 2021, Puerto Banús created an Environmental Committee together with some of its workers, to develop contents and activities that could promote the proper use of our resources, respect for the environment, and the commitment to care for and maintain nature our surroundings in the best possible way.

As part of its work programme, the Puerto Banús Environmental Committee has created different training sessions on topics of interest for all of its 38 employees, regardless of their position or the department they work for.

Thus, sailors, customer service personnel, management team, middle managers, administrators, maintenance personnel, and others, attend these periodic meetings to learn about, for example, marine species that are found locally and their importance for the area; what the circular economy is and how we can participate in it from our homes or our workplace; what the Sustainable Development Goals are and how we at Puerto Banús are impacting to achieve them. Other sessions have also been planned.

In fact, this last-named session was the first one held. It took place in early 2021 under the title “2030 Agenda: 17 goals for people and the planet”. The Accessible City, expert consultants in this area, were responsible for providing this training on-site at Puerto Banús.

One of the most recent training sessions availed of the collaboration of two speakers with extensive experience in the study of marine biodiversity. José Carlos García Gómez, a renowned biologist and professor at the University of Seville, and Francisco José González Alcón, an environmental consultant and the representative of Tecnoambiente S.L. in Andalusia, came to Puerto Banús to share their knowledge with all the staff of the different species that inhabit the seas and intertidal zones of the marina. The employees were introduced to the ribbed Mediterranean limpet and some of its curiosities, such as the fact that it can change sex throughout its life, and that it enjoys the same level of protection as the Iberian lynx to save it from extinction.