Minimising the environmental impact on the Andalusian coast through the Association ‘Marinas of Andalucía’

Since 2020, Puerto Banús has maintained a firm commitment to the environment and to compliance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The same happens to the Association of Sports and Tourist Ports of Andalusia ‘Marinas de Andalucía’, a professional organization that brings together 15 sports ports and nautical clubs of the Andalusian community and among which Puerto Banús is associated as an active member.

In fact, ‘Marinas de Andalucía’ and its associated marinas are ‘responsible towards the environment’ thanks to their commitment to “quality and excellence in management”, since the different marinas that are part of this business association are committed to for this quality and excellence of the services provided that begin with the management of the facility and respect for the environment where we are located. Hence, Puerto Banús has, among others, the ISO 9001 and 14000 certifications.

Proof of this commitment to the Environment and to green and blue processes within the activities of the marinas themselves, ‘Marinas de Andalucía’ and its associated ports in this responsibility towards the environment, are committed to obtaining and achieving the Odyssea seal which is a hallmark of quality and European initiative, under which all those Mediterranean marinas that meet a series of technological, environmental, structural and cultural requirements are integrated. The initiative, developed from respect for the environment and the desire to include the port in its surroundings, is within the guidelines of the Green Book and the European Union Tourism and Sustainable Development Management Unit and has been approved by the General Planning Management and Tourism Management of the Junta de Andalucía.

For some years now, this has led Puerto Banús to activate and implement a plan of measures and actions towards the achievement of a Sustainable Marina that complies with all standards of good conduct at a social and environmental level for both customers, employees, businesses, suppliers and users of the port area. With this commitment, the environmental impact is minimized and the motivation and involvement of all the actors with their community and social fabric is encouraged.


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