Moncler, Polo Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrera open their boutiques in Puerto Banús
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New brands are opening up in Puerto Banús as of this spring to present their seasonal collections for the first time. Moncler and Polo Ralph Lauren have already done so, and Carolina Herrera will open it’s new boutique as of next week.

Taking advantage of the fact that the hot season is getting closer and closer, new brands are joining the selection of luxury boutiques in Puerto Banús.

Italian brand Moncler opened their doors to its own Puerto Banús boutique just a few days ago, presenting its latest spring / summer collection for men and women just as the temperatures begin to rise. The breath-taking boutique located in Calle de Ribera in Puerto Banús, is very different from what is usually seen in the well-known Moncler boutiques; they have chosen to acquire a concept associated with the marina of Puerto Banús, its beaches and white buildings inspired by the typical and charming town of Andalusia, and moving away from its traditional dark and heavy decor to a more bright and illuminated look.

As you enter the boutique, you’ll notice that they continue to use the marble stone throughout its boutique, but to better fit with the surroundings of Puerto Banús, they have used white marble instead of black, with cream wall-to-wall carpet, wall-mounted mirrors and their spectacular mirror lift to amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views. They used thin beige carpeting throughout the boutique instead of the typical dark flooring that own most of their boutiques to achieve a summer look and fit better with Puerto Banús.

Moncler often works special collaborations with other designers and recognized brands within the luxury sector. In fact, if you visit the boutique today, you’ll find their silver suitcase in collaboration with Rimowa, a well-known German suitcase brand.

Just after the inauguration of Moncler, the North American brand Polo Ralph Lauren also joined Puerto Banús as it welcomed its clients on the 1st of April.

Polo Ralph Lauren has also chosen decorations and furniture inspired by Puerto Banús and its maritime style, following the colour scheme of navy blue and white throughout its interior, and really bringing out this style by using buoys, anchors, moorings and wallpaper based on the marine life.

In the new Polo Ralph Lauren boutique in Puerto Banús, you won’t find its typical thick carpet floor as they have used a lighter carpet for a cool summer look as the hot season begins to approach us.

Its large windows on its first and second floor allow natural light through to illuminate the interior rooms, allowing you to clearly see all their exclusive products; from women’s, children’s and men’s clothing to accessories which are all distributed throughout the boutique for a more fresh and clean look.

On the first floor you’ll expect to find more marine-style clothing, mainly with the combination of navy blue, white and with nautical drawings. However, on the second floor, it keeps more of its classic and fun style, with a great variety of tones and colours.

These two brands are added to the more than 100 boutiques of the most exclusive brands around the world in Puerto Banús, and new openings are expected very soon before the arrival of summer, like Carolina Herrera that plans to open its new boutique at the end of April.

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