Collaboration with local public schools to support culture in children

During the visit of Nao Victoria to Puerto Banús, the marina invited students from José Banús School to learn about the history of this fascinating historic ship, which is a replica of the first one to sail around the world, between 1519 and 1522.


Puerto Banús has allowed 120 students from José Banús School, from kindergarten, primary and Vocational Training (FP), to have a free guided tour of the Nao Victoria, to learn about the history of the first ship to circumnavigate the world.

The fifth and sixth-class students were able to enjoy this cultural visit and learn about the feat of Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano five centuries ago. During this complimentary guided tour for José Banús School, they were able to discover how the 245 crew members who embarked on this voyage that lasted three years and 14 days lived.

The students also learned about the different parts and spaces of a historic ship like the Nao Victoria, discovered what they ate during this voyage on which they were constantly short of food to survive, and were able to access plans showing the route that took them right around the world in 1519.

Puerto Banús wanted to collaborate actively with the 500th Anniversary of the First Round the World Voyage by the Nao Victoria. For this reason, and in fact, for the second time, this ship has called at our marina, so that visitors could enjoy an authentic and gripping story with the assistance of the Nao Victoria Foundation.

The Nao Victoria has important teaching and educational value since it is an exact replica whose shapes and details are the result of an exhaustive historical study of what the original ship might have been like, using documentary sources for the expedition, chronicles, shipbuilding treatises, and iconography of the time.