Environmental clause that bets on sustainability and green efficiency in all processes to achieve a Sustainable Marina

Did you know that Puerto Banús encourages sustainable commitment through its environmental clause among more than 200 companies to help reduce the impact of pollution?

Since 2020, we have included a pioneering clause for the use of sustainable materials in all leasing contracts focused on new commercial firms which are established in Puerto Banús to guarantee a better optimization of natural resources and a greater use of biodegradable products.


Nautical ports have to make the effort to ensure that our marinas are sustainable and energy efficient, this way we contribute to a healthier environmental environment and committed with greater respect for biodiversity, protecting the oceans, reducing pollution and promote responsible consumption.

From Puerto Banús, we have undertaken this commitment and more, because we know we are one of the marinas with the largest commercial and luxury shopping offer in Europe. There are over 200 businesses that are within our enclosure, among hotels, restaurants, boutiques and other businesses that offer different services.

For this reason and because applying all is key to achieving a Sustainable Marina at a transversal level, in 2020 they incorporated to new leasing contracts that are being carried out in the intra-commercial relations of the site to have an attractive offer for users and customers, of a pioneering clause of this type of commercial and nautical enclaves where the priority aim is the use of sustainable materials in these new processes when starting up and maintaining these establishments, thus guaranteeing greater recycling, better optimization of natural resources and the use of biodegradable products that respect the environment.

A maxim that is intended with incorporating this environmental clause in the lease contracts within Puerto Banús, is the South African philosophy ‘Ubuntu’, linked to loyalty and solidarity. The term can be translated as “humanity towards others” or “I am because we are”.

Like this, the clause and what it addresses, following the standards of quality, sustainability and the reference certifications in the matter, is the following:

“The lessee will make its best efforts to use recycled material in its containers and packaging, with a minimum of 85% reused fibers and a bleaching process completely free of chlorine, or virgin fiber from sustainably managed forests (with a certificate of exploitation sustainable forestry type FSC, PEFC or equivalent); (1)

It will ensure the environmental quality of electrical, telecommunications, computer equipment and systems, ensuring that they have operating modes that allow energy savings, the best heat dissipation characteristics and dont exceed the emission levels of harmful substances according to the procedure defined in the Blue Angel ecolabel or equivalent. (2)

It will ensure that the wood used in the manufacture of furniture is natural, with a certificate of sustainable forest exploitation and chain of custody type FSC, PEFC or equivalent and particle board with low formaldehyde emissions. (3)

It will ensure that all hygienic products used, meet the following characteristics: the soap may not contain superfluous or unnecessary substances such as perfumes or aromas, colorants and disinfectants / biocides; (4)

The paper must be 100% recycled and free of chlorines, it can’t be coloured or perfumed; hand drying equipment will be made of cloth, paper that must be recharged with recycled fiber towels or conventional air, which must be automatic, with motion detectors. (5)

Asimismo, vigilará los niveles de contaminación de los vehículos de transporte que utilice (reparto, mensajería, obras, transporte…), procurando la utilización de vehículos eléctricos en la flota correspondiente”. (6)


With this action, as a private company, Puerto Banús wants to be at the forefront of sustainability and commitment to the environment at a contractual level, since the modification of the Public Sector Contract Law in March 2018, the Different Public Administrations has already introduced this series of specific clauses in contracts. Although, for private companies the introduction of these issues is not mandatory, it is always desirable in order to work towards the achievement of both the European guidelines and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We invite you to join this commitment to preserve our nature and improve our habits of life.


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