Dissemination, education and marine environmental conservation with the exhibition ‘Restauramar’

Did you know that approximately 24% of the remaining reefs are in imminent danger of disappearance due to human pressures, and 26% are at risk of disappearance in the longer term? For this reason, Cívitas Puerto Banús collaborates with the Aula del Mar Foundation to convey the need to conserve and restore marine and coastal ecosystems.

From October 30th to November 4th 2023, the Cívitas Puerto Banús Club de Mar held the temporary exhibition ‘Restauramar’, which is part of the Dissemination, Education and Marine Environmental Conservation project that the Aula del Mar Mediterráneo Foundation develops for ‘Málaga+Viva’, the Climate Change program of the Provincial Council.

The Provincial Council of Málaga together with the Aula del Mar Mediterráneo Foundation (FAMM), through this exhibition, have the objective of transmitting to the citizens of the municipalities of the province the need to conserve and restore marine and coastal ecosystems in the face of change climate. A leading part of this objective is the traveling exhibition ‘Restauramar’, which was exhibited in our marina, in collaboration with the Marbella City Council.

“This interesting exhibition adds to the different activities that Cívitas Puerto Banús develops with the aim of preserving our environment and promoting good practices among our employees, clients and visitors for the preservation of biodiversity and our ecosystems. It is extremely important to spread knowledge and generate awareness in our society, so that the commitment to the planet becomes stronger and more real, and this exhibition helps to achieve this,” says Benjamín Sánchez Morett, director of the Sustainability Committee of Cívitas Puerto Banús.

The free exhibition was visited by groups and interested people, and was divided into three thematic areas:

Biodiversity on the coastline and marine environment of the province of Málaga: with a description of its seabed as well as the different species that can be observed on the Málaga coast.

Challenges that the seas and oceans face: plastics, how long they take to degrade, the problem of microplastics and how they have entered the food chain. The effects of climate change on the marine environment; the increase in the number of invasive species in the Mediterranean and why there are more and more jellyfish plagues on our coasts.

Good practices that care for the sea: with images and brief descriptions of ecosystem services, the Sustainable Blue Economy, Research and conservation projects and coastal and marine environment restoration actions.


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