Collection of more than 300 kg of waste from the seabed in Puerto Banús

In November 2022, the latest seabed cleaning was carried out in Puerto Banús during which, for a whole morning, a total of 6 divers searched the seabed of the harbour for any contaminating element, collecting it and depositing it in a boat with the support of the team on land for its separation.

In total, over 300kg of waste was collected and, at the end of the day, the team took all the items found on the seabed of the port pontoons to the shipyard area for proper recycling or treatment, or even disposal at our Clean Point.

Seabed cleaning carried out in Puerto Banús for many years to maintain its depth. However, as part of our strategic cross-cutting plan that takes us on the path to being a sustainable marina, several years ago we introduced a specific programme for cleaning the seabed and, since then, it is something we carry out periodically with our team of divers and alongside diving centers in the region with the aim of becoming more conscious of the amount of waste that ends up in the sea and marine waters, intentionally or accidentally.

As such, a specialised team of divers, with support from people on land, carries out a seabed clean-up during which the waste that may fall from boats or from the port is extracted from the pontoons of the harbour, thus creating greater awareness among its employees, customers, users and visitors in order to act in a more responsible manner and avoid contamination of the water and damage to the marine species that inhabit the area as much as possible.

Cleaning the seabed, especially in a port, is essential in order to preserve the biodiversity that inhabits the environment and, therefore, employees, including sailors, divers, office staff and local diving centers, are involved in this activity carried out at the beginning of the high season and at the end of the summer.

“At Puerto Banús, we have created a seabed cleaning programme to preserve and conserve biodiversity”

Cleaning the seabed is key to the sustainable development of the environment and, of course, to our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their fulfillment. This activity is intended to rid the waters of Puerto Banús of waste as well as help conserve and preserve marine biodiversity on the Costa del Sol.


ODS Secundarias que también participan en esta acción: