In Puerto Banús we start up our implementation and achievement plan of the Sustainable Development Goals
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From Puerto Banús we have started a working plan to protect the planet’s natural resources and meet the 17 goals established by the OMS.

All of us who are part of this port, are conscious of that is the moment of join to the SDG; for that reason we are working to start a work plan that allow to contribute to compliance of the 2030 Agenda, approved in 2015 for the General Assembly of the United Nations with the purpose of finish with the poverty, protect our planet and guarantee the peace and prosperity of all the people.

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that the UN established in order to make our world a better place to live in the next years, and for that, the business sector plays a very important role, because the companies can contribute in some way in many of the goals and actions established in each of these goals.

Since mid- 2019, Puerto Banús had already started its transformation process undergoing a diagnosis to identify the actions that we have already implemented as SDG targets. Likewise, this diagnosis has allowed us to recognize those activities that could be adopted as measures to reach other SDG that had not been considered, and that way develop a work strategy and start up strategy.

Puerto Banús, as a private company can contribute positively to achieve the goals proposed in the different SDG through a series of actions that are carried out day by day and others that will be applied in the coming months and years. This commitment is part of our philosophy as a company.

Within our new Implementation and Compliance Plan of the SDG, we have chosen to increase our efforts in the SDG linked mainly to the fight for the protection of the oceans, biodiversity, responsible consumption and the reduction of pollution, without neglecting the rest of the goals that make up this initiative promoted by the United Nations.

In Puerto Banús we have done a previous work to differentiate from the 169 tasks proposed by the UN those that directly affect a marina with the characteristics of Puerto Banús. We have chosen 83 that we believe can contribute to minimizing environmental impact.

Of these 83 goals, 53.38% have already been achieved or are being planned. Among them is the sustainable management of water, with a strict policy of consumption and reuse of the resource, the use of efficient and sustainable technologies to improve the management of natural resources in the company´s activities and reduce the environmental impact, the integration of the culture of fighting against climate change in the supply chain, demanding certifications and environmental policies from our suppliers and calculating their emissions, the reduction of the use of toxic substances, plastics and non-biodegradable materials in products and services, preventing them from reaching marine and coastal ecosystems, among other measures.

Also, since September 2007, Puerto Banús has been obtaining the ISO 14.001 certificate, grated by the Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación (AENOR) for its environmental management, and the ISO 9001 certificate for its quality management since 2006. Two certificates we are proud of and motivate us to continue improving in both areas.

Our purpose is become one of the best ports in the world in terms of environmental responsibility, changing habits and incorporating new measures that allow at the visitor and staff to preserve our environment. It is part of our values and our philosophy, as we already mentioned.

The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by the 193 States members of the United Nations the September 25th, 2015 with the aim of ending with climate change and economic inequality, as well as promoting innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice. The 17 SDG are integrated and they recognize that interventions in one area will affect the results of others and that development must balance environmental, economic and social sustainability.

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