One of the main draws of Banús is its vast offering of luxury shopping, with some of the world’s most exclusive firms such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Dior, etc.

A marina with luxury, top-quality shopping

Consolidated as the Mediterranean’s shopping destination par excellence, with Europe’s greatest concentration of luxury firms. Puerto Banús enhances its positioning with new and eagerly anticipated openings in 2019 and 2020.

Hermès reopens its doors

The epitome of the luxury boutique, Hermès, recently made its reentrance, to offer a new boutique concept, now larger and more attractive.  Moreover, Versace and Loro Piana have done the same. As one special and noteworthy case, we will speak of Bash, which opened a pop-up store during the High Season on Ribera Street, in the midst of some of our clients’ favourite boutiques.

Dolce & Gabbana will open a flagship store

It will be autumn when one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated openings takes its turn. In autumn, Dolce & Gabbana will open the doors of an unparalleled space and with a new concept, which will not fail to impress anybody. This boutique stands in a privileged spot, on the Dock of Honour, in front of the berths for the most outstanding yachts at Puerto Banús.

Fendi & Puerto Banús: 2020

To coincide with the 50th birthday of Banús, the Italian firm Fendi is to join the marina’s select range of top brands. Fendi, the iconic Italian house known for launching El Baguette, the first it bag in history, with more than six hundred versions, will inaugurate its second store in this country. The firm currently has only one establishment, in Barcelona.

Puerto Banús fosters the image that made it iconic

If there is one thing that has turned Puerto Banús® into an icon since its inauguration in 1970, it is its image as an Andalusian seafaring village. In order to protect, uphold and foster this concept, all the establishments of this marina in Marbella will adopt the image guidelines before spring 2020. These consist mostly of respecting the original white façades and the balconies of black railings, will nurture the maritime motif and the presence of vegetation, and will also promote uniformity in colouring, with white and cream tones for awnings and neutral for pavements.