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Cívitas Puerto Banús and Fermín Suárez Yoga School & MIND join, for the second year in a row, to celebrate the II Banús International Yoga Festival in a unique setting at the main harbour in Cívitas Puerto Banús. Xuan Lan, Fermín Suárez and Lourdes Vidal, among the twenty experts in this discipline who will offer classes, workshops, meditations, and specialised talks.

From Friday the 26th to Sunday the 28th of April, the II Banús International Yoga Festival will be held in Cívitas Puerto Banús; a weekend in which lovers of this discipline will be able to enjoy a multitude of classes of different types of yoga led by Fermín Suárez Yoga School and twenty internationally recognized teachers. In addition, talks, meditations, sound baths and specialized workshops will be enjoyed. This festival is for the whole family and the little ones are welcome!

More than 20 renowned teachers of this discipline, from different areas of Spain, the United Kingdom, South Africa and the Nordic countries, will meet to teach a wide variety of classes in a very attractive program, and in which participants will enjoy a weekend in a unique enclave led by Fermín Suárez Yoga School & MIND, and teachers such as Xuan Lan, Lourdes Vidal, Tomás Tealdi, Gabi Mastragostino and Deborah Niccolini, among many more.

I Banús International Yoga Festival



During the weekend, a circuit of yoga classes will be held on the main dock of the marina in its different modalities in Spanish and English and at all hours, as well as specialized workshops on various topics (acroyoga, yoga and breathing, yoga for children, hot tubs, massages…) talks, guided meditations, concerts and live performances and a wide offering of healthy and organic food.

After the resounding success of the I Banús International Festival in 2023 and its great reception in which more than 5,000 people gathered at Cívitas Puerto Banús to enjoy over 30 yoga classes, guided meditations and concerts, the second edition, which is expected to bring together more than 8,000 yoga practitioners, will once again feature the participation of teachers who will offer different outdoor sessions for children and adults, men and women, experts and beginners!

Calendar of dates and times of the II Banús International Yoga Festival:

-Friday, April 26th: from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

-Saturday, April 27th: from 09:30 am to 11:00 pm.

-Sunday, April 28th: from 09:30 am to 14:30 pm.
I Banús International Yoga Festival


Fermín Suárez, from Fermín Suárez Yoga School & MIND, began his journey in yoga almost 30 years ago, going through different styles and lineages such as ashtanga yoga, Iyengar, kundalini and Sivananda, creating his own very versatile method based on the knowledge collected from different styles he created himself.

Today, he is founder and director of the Fermin Suárez Yoga School Association in Marbella and creator of the method that bears his name. He is a yoga teacher for the Spanish Yoga Federation, Yoga Alliance, European Yoga Federation and Fedefy.

It is worth highlighting the versatility of the style created by Fermín Suárez, due to the contribution of anatomical and biomechanical knowledge, applied to conscious movement, so that the practice of yoga is a vehicle for liberation and meditation. Through the different disciplines that added to that concept in their youth, such as the practice of Taichi, karate, Shotokan and taekwondo, together with the practice maintained for years of classical ballet and fitness.

Xuan Lan; yoga teacher and wellness expert; Xuan Lan is one of the main references of yoga in Spain. Founder @xlystudio, books Mi Diario de Yoga, Yoga para Mi Bienestar.

Lourdes Vidal Advance Yoga Medicine® Teacher, Sivananda Siromani & Bhakti Flow Teacher. Founded Oyoga® Teachers. Functional Vinyasa Flow & Yoga Philosophy.

Tomás Tealdi, born in Argentina, he began his yoga journey under the warm guidance of his mother, then with Javier Castro from the Yogashala Institute in Marbella. Since 2014, she has been dedicated to Rocket Yoga, known for its dynamic nature. Tomás’ encouraging and often humorous style welcomes students from all over the world. He continues to practice and teach Rocket and Ashtanga Vinyasa in his classes, workshops and trainings. He is E-RYT500 and a Continuing Education Provider under Yoga Alliance.

Gabi Mastragostino was born in Argentina and lives in Marbella, Spain. Due to multiple injuries due to his sports practice (BMX freestyle), he began his search for the necessary tools to heal and rehabilitate his body. Yoga teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance: 200RYT and 500RYT.

Deborah Niccolini is a yoga teacher with more than nine years of experience and 13 as a practitioner, certified by the Yoga Alliance 500 hours, a yoga master by her teacher and mentor Fermín Suarez. Deborah dedicates her life to sharing her teachings with students from Marbella to Cádiz, in order to improve every day and continue learning.

Raquel González Estévez Master Yoga Teacher, accredited by the Junta de Andalucía, trained in different schools, Certified by Alliance and by Confederation of India (IECSME).

Louise Lavigne is a yoga teacher trainer, mentor and entrepreneur. Her career includes learning and teaching retreats and workshops in different countries, founding a Yoga Center in Seville and currently directing her Training School in Seville and Cádiz. Today, he continues to train and share his offerings in India, New York, Canada, Latin America and Europe.

Majo YOSOYOGA has trained in different schools and with different teachers, which has allowed her to absorb, from each of them, a different vision of Yoga and, thanks to this, enrich her learning. She continues to run her own Yoga Room since 2018: YOSOYOGA.

Pilar Bedate considers herself an eternal learner. 200 RYT hatha yoga and meditation 100 MTC yin yoga, taking 500 RYT at AFSYS. Yoga came to her by “causation” to become her path.

Elena SuaLeiva trained as a Power Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga teacher at the European Institute of Yoga (IEY), with extensive experience in Nepal and Santiago de Chile, Yoga for children, babies and postpartum. Emotional intelligence, Coach and NLP, Mindfulness. Director and founder of her own yoga center, Vive Yoga located in Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville.

Luz Gámez is a 200 hour yoga teacher and 400 hour master yoga teacher. Yoga teacher specialized in children’s classes. Open your soul and mind and COLOR YOGA will paint your heart, filling it with love, peace and excitement.

Lorena González TT200 TT400 YogaMaster, considers herself an insatiable seeker of truth through the practice of yoga and meditation. “I discovered divinity in everything, in every being and in the nature of everything that exists. And although there is still a way to go, what I’ve perceived is that we are all connected by a greater energy that moves us towards freedom, and that the simple and authentic truth, and therefore the only solution, is Love.

Maite González, TT 200h TT400H YogaMaster, is a pilates mat teacher. Master in therapeutic Pilates, Zumba, Step Reebok, Total Body and Total Tono.

Patricia de la Lastra Borrego is a master yoga teacher, trained by different schools. Registered in Yoga Alliance and Ministry of Culture. Yoga for children and reiki mastery. Yoga is evolution and self-knowledge, the liberation of the being at its maximum expression.

Kirsten Armstrong is a Spain based Ecstatic Dance DJ, Yogini and Vocalist. Providing a musical journey for personal transformation, healing, and empowermen, through energetic, expansive and heart-opening sets. The music is the journey and our movement is the medicine!

Lory Huguet, born in Argentina, has been practicing yoga for 10 years at the Asociación Fermín Suárez Yoga School (AFSYS) founded by a great teacher, Fermín Suárez, who inspires her every day with his practice, generosity and unique style.

Patricia Yael Berlinger is a Hatha yoga H.F.Y and Yoga teacher at the Yoga Studies Institute, teacher and presenter at international fitness conferences in Argentina, Greece, Spain and Israel.

Andrea Martello is an RYT 200 yoga instructor and will be teaching a multi-level adjustments and alignment class.

Yolanda Barreira, is an Advanced Yoga teacher and Yoga Master from AFSYS (Asociación Fermín Suárez Yoga School) and Yoga Alliance. Born in Madrid, and resident for 10 years in Marbella, she feels part of this city and that is one of the reasons why she says she is delighted to be able to contribute her yoga knowledge to this Puerto Banús Festival in this beautiful land.

Javier Guerrero studied economics for years and it was a trip to India that changed his life; he discovered Yoga, Ayurveda and conscious eating. That trip transformed him and made him begin his dedication to organic food, kitesurfing and the things he loved. He trained as a yoga teacher in 2013 and had his first encounter with AcroYoga, in Bali, that same year. AcroYoga planted a little seed in his heart that has evolved and has led him to train as a teacher and to be an enthusiast for sharing this art with all those he meets along his path.

Octavio Fernández: from a very young age he felt passion and attraction for all types of arts, which is why he tried theater, contemporary dance and all types of sports. After a few years he rediscovered himself through meditation, yoga and acroyoga and in 2017 he trained as a teacher at the @acroyogaprem school. He came across AcroYoga 10 years ago and it changed him, and for 8 years he has been sharing this community and fun practice.

Javier Castro found the path of Yoga 30 years ago and has been walking on it tirelessly and with complete dedication since then. At a very early age he obtained a study scholarship at the Monastery-Ashram of the Siddha Yoga Tradition in India where he spent 4 years studying Meditation, Venta Philosophy, Kashmir Shaivism, with the help of his Guru Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and the other scholars of this deep mystical tradition.

Ana Belén Méndez has been a yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, and a yoga teacher for 14. She has practiced and studied different styles of yoga, Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Asthaga and Kriya, “and they all continue to enrich and carry me to that place, where we are ONE. Will you join me?”

Antonio Galán began his path in 2012 after a period of transformation and training at the International School of Yoga (200H). Yoga invaded his dancer’s soul. Later he continued his training with Javier Castro at Yogashala (500H), and it is from here that he became passionate about biomechanics and the functioning of the body in depth. Shamanism and healing through the regulation of the nervous system makes its medicine penetrate to the deepest depths, breaking hearts installed in the unconscious.

Renova Thermal; Lucía Romero de Ávila, founder of Renova Thermal and ambassador for Spain of World Wellness Weekend, will give introductory workshops to Thai massage, foot reflexology and facial and cervical self-massage.

Miriam Costas, born in Galicia, grew up with the influence of part of her family dedicated to martial arts, where discipline, care of the body and mind were fundamental, and where meditations and forest bathing were very common practices throughout her growth. A yoga practitioner for almost 20 years, which led her to train as a Hatha and Vinyasa teacher at Kashish India Yogacenter, and as an Aerial Yoga teacher at Satya Yoga.

Olya and Stas Belavidau, aka Yoga Family, are a yoga couple passionate about teaching classical Hatha Yoga, Breathing Practices & Meditation. For over 10 years, the couple have been practicing and teaching yoga, drawing wisdom from esteemed Masters in India, Nepal, and Tibet, as well as top teachers from around the globe.

Séafra Yogiśvara, who has spent much of his younger years as a Buddhist monk, has been an international Yoga and Meditation teacher for more than 30 years, teaching classes in Spain, France, the United States, Ireland and Bali. As a specialist in Hatha Yoga, Vinyāsa and Balinese Yoga techniques, Séafra’s teaching style focuses on the profound transformative and therapeutic power of yoga.

Rebeca Recatero. Born in Madrid, since she was little at home she heard distantly about the philosophy of Yoga thanks to her grandmother – a practitioner and teacher in the 80s – but it was only a few years later when she lived in Sydney that she began to study the transformative practice of Jivamukti Yoga. A burning desire to continue investigating this philosophy emerged in the clarity and calm after each practice. Since then, Rebeca studies the Jivamukti method regularly with her teachers for whom she feels deeply grateful. His teachings are shared today as a reflection of his dedicated daily practice and meticulous observation of the natural world. Rebeca gives all her learning to caring for the rights of animals and teaching the practice is her humble way of contributing to making us all happier and freer. Her intention is to continue extending the practice of Yoga as deep and far as possible. She now teaches and runs the Jivamukti Yoga Marbella school.

Vicky Attias. In yoga and in Marbella since 2018. I started with Fermín practicing and learning yoga. Nowadays I work with older people in CPA Centers; I learn about mindfulness meditation at Growth School. The yoga practice I offer is gentle, gentle, demanding and loving at the same time. Or so I try. See you on the mat!


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