The motor yacht Silent 64 has come across the Atlantic Ocean! Yes, these solar-powered catamarans are one of the main bets for sustainable sailing since they have managed to travel more than 100,000 miles in perfect autonomy, proving their reliability and responsiveness throughout the world and in all kinds of conditions. climatological.


They are called Silent because they are absolutely silent boats which have managed to travel more than 100 miles (161 km) a day without any type of fuel. Thanks to its SILENT system, the sun is the main source of energy for its movement in electric mode, as well as for all domestic needs in its interior.


Silent Yachts have MG lithium batteries where they store all their energy. With it, it is possible to generate an efficient propulsion and use any appliance or device that the boat incorporates: televisions, air conditioning, ice machine, computers, etc.


Luxury and efficiency as one.

Silent Yachts save a great deal of energy thanks to the fact that their electric motor has an energy efficiency of more than 90%, while combustion engines are usually only about 30%; which means less heat is emitted.

Thanks to this energy saving, in a Silent boat, all household appliances can be used at the same time without having to turn on the generator in any moment. Television, air conditioning, refrigerator, it can even produce 2,000 liters of drinking water a day. What else do you need?


Reliability and easy maintenance

During the bad weather season, lack of solar energy, or when a higher speed is required for more than a couple of hours, a diesel generator recharges the batteries. This gives you the assurance that you will never run out of power.

Also, no maintenance is required for solar panels and batteries. The guaranteed useful life of the solar panels of a Silent Yacht is 25 years, while the useful life of lithium batteries is 8 years, and its electric motors require practically no maintenance for several decades since they need two new bearings after 50,000 hours. If the Silent is used 500 hours per year, this means that in 100 years time, we would need to worry about the electric motors. Only the small generator needs a little attention, but all vital components can be serviced remotely via the internet.

Silent Yacht offers a cruising speed of 6–8 knots and a top speed of up to 20 knots.



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