Narke electric jet skis are one of the greatest innovations in the nautical world. Ultralight and resistant, these sustainable personal watercraft are made of carbon fiber and are capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 knots with zero emissions.

Its GT75 and GT95 models are a revolution in technology. In fact, they were the world’s first electric jet skis to be manufactured in series. These have not been developed from a gasoline motorcycle, but instead is a completely new genre in the world of navigation.


The Narke was originated in Hungary, specifically in Lake Balaton, a protected area in which only electric boats are allowed access and navigation. Thus, a group of sailing enthusiasts decided to develop a 100% electric boat that could be enjoyed both in fresh water and at sea.

Fun without harming the environment

Narke is a quiet, high-performance jet ski with a design that stands out for its minimalism and elegance.

Autonomy and speed

The Narke jet ski models are 4 meters long and have capacity for 3 passengers and includes a smart screen with navigation and weather functions that connects via Bluetooth with the mobile phone.

They have an uninterrupted autonomy of up to 2 hours and offers fast charging in an hour and a half. This quick charger can be used in any port. Its maximum speed is 55 km / h thanks to its 71 kW motor; a speed that can be electronically limited.

Its maintenance is completely simple and practical, it no longer needs oil changes or filters which saves us the tedious and dangerous time of refueling.



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