Netflix to launch in October in Spain

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US online streaming service Netflix has confirmed that it will launch in Spain this October after months of speculation.

The service has been delayed in Spain due to Netflix’s concerns over piracy and high royalty prices, making Spain a less attractive market than other European nations…

However, the US company has now decided upon an October launch date, and will offer to those in Spain the same service package as that introduced in France and Germany – national and international film and TV content for a subscription of €8 per month.

People living in Spain can already sign up to the website and be kept abreast of what shows and films will be aired, and although the launch catalogue will be more limited than that offered to US and UK viewers, the platform should still be packed with some of the most gripping series and latest movies.

For some British expats living in Spain, the launch of Netflix is likely to be warmly welcomed and its portfolio is up there with the very best. Viewers can choose to watch all TV shows or films either in their original language – which is mostly English – or dubbed into Spanish.

The service will be available traditionally over the internet, and will also come packaged with new Smart TVs.

The delay has largely been down to concerns by Netflix over the high royalty rates demanded by the Spanish film and TV industry, as well as Spain’s levels of digital piracy, which are among the highest in the world. However, the introduction of a successful, cheap and cutting-edge service such as Netflix is likely to bring those rates down as more and more Spaniards and expats are able to access the shows and films they want to see.


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