Interview with Dani García

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Dani García, a young, but high-profile Andalusian chef, tells us how he started out in his profession, what he likes the most and the least about it, and what his favourite dish is! Dani currently has two restaurants at the Puente Romano Beach Resort in Marbella.
When and where did you discover your passion for cooking?

Since a very early age, I enjoyed everything to do with restaurants, especially the world of cooking. Although it was not until the age of 16 that I decided to dedicate myself to it professionally. Like every boy at that age, I wanted to be a footballer or something like that.

What is your main motivation as a chef?

I have always had very clear motivation in my daily life as a chef, it is simply to make people happy through my cooking.

And what is your favourite dish?

Ajoblanco from Málaga.

What do you like most about your job?

Being able to directly influence the happiness of others with my work…

And least?

I miss many Saturdays with my daughters, and many many football matches…

Where did you get the idea to organise Cuatro Manos?

As we switched locations and are now situated at Puente Romano Beach Resort, I wanted something special and different.

Last year was our first time; however, this year, it will be a bigger event. It should also be mentioned that this is a very important event for Marbella itself, given the chance to bring all the chefs together.

Why do you wake up every morning?

I wake up every morning to be happy both personally and professionally; I like to make other people happy, by doing so, I get energy and power.

How would you describe Marbella to people who have never been here; why should they come here?

Marbella is one very special place, boasting the features of a city, while actually being a town. It is the place to be, where the sky is always blue, and the sun is shining.

What does Marbella Summer 2015 mean to you?

Last summer was the best one for me personally. I opened two new restaurants, Bibo and Dani García. I believe that this summer will be better than the last one. Hard times are over; when you find yourself in a critical situation, think about it as an experience as it will always pass.

Who stands behind your design ideas (restaurants, ads, menus, etc.)?

I feed my ideas to the right people in my team. I appreciate creativity not only in the kitchen. When it comes to restaurants, I pay attention to everything, be it the environment, music, table arrangement, people, etc.

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